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Birin Winery


Birin Winery is located in Vodice. The Birin family has a long history of cultivating the land, and nowadays they have continued with viticulture and olive growing. Indigenous varieties are grown in the vineyards, Debit and Marastina from white varieties and Plavina, Lasin and Babic from black varieties. The winery owns 2 hectares of vineyards, of which 1.2 hectares are young plantations. Older vineyards are over 50 years old and still produce fine wine. The vineyards are on red soil with little stone, which is why the wines obtained are different from those from white soil or just stone. They produce 6 labels, about 25,000 bottles a year.
Within the winery, there is a tasting room where you can taste and buy Birin wines.

№1 in 1 Winery from Vodice
№279 in 1804 Winery from Croatia

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Put Gaćeleza 9, 22211, Vodice


(3 reviews)
The vineyards here really impressed me despite them being old, they produce very sweet wine. My favourite part was the wine tasting. This place has good wine.
This winery is owned by the Birin Family. Thir vineyards are approximately 2 hectares. I was able to tour freely and know how wine is produced. I tasted different varieties of wine from their selection. They were all sweet
very good!!!