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Biasiol olive oil


Family farm Biasiol with a tradition since 2001 is located in Vodnjan, near Pula. The primary activity of this family farm is olive growing, ie the production of top-quality, award-winning extra virgin olive oil. Their native olive groves, a total of 1,500 trees, are located at 30 meters above sea level. Olives are grown traditionally, without the addition of any pesticides, and the oil is cold pressed by hand. OPG Biasiol is known for Burin oil, which is a proud winner of numerous awards, commendations and recognitions. The oil is made from varieties of buza and carbonaca and is yellow in color, with a harmonious aroma, and is characterized by rich plant characteristics of freshly cut grass, lettuce, beans and almonds. You can buy and taste it on the family farm itself, which includes a tasting room and a small shop, but also in specialized shops throughout Croatia.


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