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Bencic Truffles is a family company from Motovun that sells fresh truffles and truffle products. It was founded in 2001, while the Bencic family has been hunting truffles for more than 30 years. Their mission is to provide customers with the highest quality products. In addition to fresh truffles, they offer products such as salt with truffles, pesto with truffles, olive oil with truffles... You can try them all and buy them in their store in Motovun.

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Gradiziol 10, 52424 Motovun


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We bought the high quality,fresh truffles and truffle products from the family farm. Their main aim is to offer high quality, truffles to their customers. I can't regret my visit here.
This place was founded in 2001 and it is so amazing to see how they hunt for truffles with a lot of experience. The family company sells truffles and truffle products and you can taste them before buying. I loved it. This company in Motovun has good quality truffles and the truffle products are so good.
The owners of the farm are very polite, kind, friendly and accommodative. They were knowledgeable about the truffles and left no information untouched, they also prepared different dishes of truffles such as pesto with truffles which was delicious. It was a great learning experience.
Bencic Truffles in motorun is a very unique company. The truffles not only taste good, but some of them smell good as well! The tour was really interesting and showed us how they make the truffles and how they store them. The employees were very nice and they made me feel welcome. I would recommend going there with friends or family because it could get boring if you went alone.
I really loved their truffles. They had a variety of truffle products. I really enjoyed tasting them
very good!!!
My friends and I visited this place last year and we were thrilled by the high quality of truffle products produced here. We were even lucky to have a taste of salt with truffles and olive oil with truffles which was great.
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