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Baske Ostarije Cheese Factory


Baske Ostarije Cheese Factory is located in the settlement of the same name in Lika. They are engaged in the production of cheeses and other dairy products from cow's milk of their own production. The products are made in an ecologically clean region, in the heart of the Velebit mountain. They offer homemade milk, Lika Basa (sour milk), cream, yogurt, fruit yogurts, cottage cheese, Skripavac, cottage cheese, semi-hard and hard cheeses. Within the cheese factory, products can be tasted and bought, and there is also the possibility of accommodation in a hostel and dining in a restaurant.

Food Location

Baške Oštarije 31, 53288, Baške Oštarije


(3 reviews)
very good!!!
I was the first customer for the day at the local cheese factory and got a real "insider" tour. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and one I would certainly repeat.
I visited the base ostracize cheese factory in Croatia, in the nature park Velebit and had a great time while I was there. The factory, which is located on a farm, is surrounded by tall pine trees, giving it an ambient feel.