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Balija olive oil


OPG Balija with its native olive groves is located in Fazana, in the coastal part of Istria. The primary activity of this family farm is olive growing, ie the production of top-quality, award-winning extra virgin olive oil. What makes their olive oil unique is the ideal position of the olive groves, the sunshine, the proximity of the sea and the favorable microclimate. Their multi-grade oil is a blend of autochthonous and introduced varieties such as buža, carbonaca, istarska bjelica and lečina. One of the most famous products is extra virgin olive oil Balija - oil in which each olive variety expresses its best qualities and most characteristic aromas. You can buy and taste them at the family farm, which includes a tasting room and a small shop.


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№680 in 1804 Olive oil from Croatia

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Olive oil



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Galižanska cesta 8


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