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OPG Plenkovic is a family farm with a long tradition from the island of Hvar. This rich estate and oil mill was created out of a love for olives and olive oil that has been passed down for generations. Long-lived olive trees, fertile soil and a continuous tradition of olive growing on the island, are their source of daily inspiration. The olive oils produced by OPG are under the Atena Premium and Atena Slavac brands. Atena Premium is a high quality extra virgin olive oil for refined palates and connoisseurs who expect excellence from this product. It has a medium to intense fruitiness in the scent of olives and green grass, apples and tomatoes. Athena Slavac has a mild taste that will satisfy a wide range of consumers who prefer mild olive oil. It has a delicate scent of ripe olive fruit, a soft taste of ripe fruit and pronounced floral notes. The production of the oil itself is certified organic (without the addition of any pesticides), and cold pressing methods are used to preserve the nutritional value and richness of aroma and taste. You can buy and taste their olive oils and cheeses in specialized stores, through the webshop and in direct agreement with the family farm.


№1 in 3 Olive oil from Island of Hvar
№54 in 1804 Olive oil from Croatia

Food Type

Olive oil


Island of Hvar

Food Location

Stari Grad, Hvar, Croatia


(13 reviews)
Their olive oil is purely organic. I bought a bottle of the olive oil. I really enjoyed learning more about the olive oils. It was a wonderful experience.
The organic production of products is what I loved most. I learned about the cold pressing process to retain the flavor and quality. It was a great learning experience.
Atena Slavic has a mild taste with the scent of ripe olive fruit and pronounced floral notes. I loved that the oil can be used in the preparation of almost any meal.
We had the chance to visit the tasting room and got to taste different types of their oils and their other products, it was an exquisite experience for me to witness the craft of the oil makers. Also, customers can buy their products through the webshop or in a direct agreement with the farm. Will definitely come back for more.
very good!!!
It was a great afternoon to spend my time with the farm hosts as i learnt the processes of oil production and even how it is processed. The farm produces organic oils that boosts their quality and demand for customers. Worth a visit.
Extra virgin oil produced in this location has intense fruitiness in the scent of olives, green grass, and tomatoes. I bought a bottle and the oil exemplified the taste in my meals.
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