Dieser 850 Meter hohe Berg ist ein unvermeidliches Naturdenkmal der Region Lovinac. Der Überlieferung nach diente er als Observatorium, das das gesamte Lika-Feld überwachte. Zusätzlich zu seiner unglaublichen visuellen Identität verbirgt er auch eine 350 Meter lange Höhle mit einem See.

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Unnamed Road, Drenovac Radučki


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The weather here was favourable to us. The base of the mountain acted as a good place for setup of camp and tents. It was fun lighting fire in the camps with my friends. It was super fun hiking in the caves hidden in the hill. The lake has crystal clear waters and cool breeze to calm down a mind from the day's activities. We enjoyed the stay here. Ideal place for team building activities.
My trip to Lovinac-Holly hill was impressive and i couldnt miss a tour to Zir.I enjoyed a beautifull nature and explode through the caves.We walked up hill to the peak and loved the views of the landscape we had an unforgettable experience and would love to come back again.
It was an adventure as we went hiking at the hilly area and enjoyed the what nature has to offer, a diverse range of flora with dazzling views. We took a lot of wonderful pictures that are a memory of the fun and wonderful time that we had at Zir. We also went for rock climbing on the mountainous area and the activity was involving and we had a lot of fun on the tour. The team work that we had on the adventure was superb and everybody had an achievement that they accomplished at the end of the day.
very good!!!
The place is really nice for hiking and mountaineering, the summit is visible and weather is very fine
This mountain offered a good hiking experience. It is only 850m high but the obstacles were pretty challenging. The view of the landscape from the top was nice. The summit of the mountain is a huge stone. Hiking to this mountains takes roughly a day
We went rock climbing at the mountain and the experience was amazing. Totally loved the activity with my friends.
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