Schöner, gepflasterter Wanderweg von Vabriga zum Hafen von Santa Marina durch den Park. Der Weg ist zu jeder Jahreszeit gut beleuchtet, und die immergrünen Kiefern in Kombination mit selbstgezogenen Blumen und Kräutern sorgen nicht nur für eine angenehme Atmosphäre, sondern auch für den Genuss der angenehmen Düfte des Waldes. Entlang des Weges gibt es Ruhebänke, auf denen man sich in der Stille des Waldes entspannen kann.

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very good!!!
Our family enjoyed a long weekpend in the Vabrigs Promanade. Taking a break from our busy lives and schedules to relax and reconnect. We explored the historic town center, toured the museum, and stayed at the comfortable lodge. The kids especially liked the petting zoo!
The promenade was wonderfully lit in the night, the shops alongside it had everything one could need incase of an emergency
The benches offered nice sitting place as the breeze blew by, i enjoyed reading a book without disturbance and later on had a peaceful walk
The promenade was well lit, very clean and well trimmed flower beds, the park on the side was also filled with colorful flowers, the snacks on the path made my walk enjoyable
I went on a walk on the shores of the sea and the experience was amazing with the cool breeze and relaxing fresh air with beautiful pine trees. It was splendid and would love to visit again.
Walking through the wonderfully lit streets and the coll breeze from the sorrounding vegetation is what I loved most about this location.
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