Zwillingstoren von Motovun


Die mittelalterliche Stadtmauern von dem Zwillingstor in Motovun sind sehr gut erhalten geblieben. Zwillingstor ist quasi das "doppelte" Tor, da die Stadtmauern auf der Westseite zwei Verteidigungsgürtel bilden. Das äußere Tor hat ein Lapidarium mit antiken und mittelalterlichen Inschriften und Reliefs, und das innere Tor ist wegen seiner frühgotischen Stilmerkmale interessant.

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very good!!!
Rich historical story of the walls and amazing architectural structure that it hold which we loved we were perplexed when we visited the place.
As an architecture lover, i was fascinated by the Gothic stylistic features of the city. I saw the most preserved gates in Croatia here. The gates acted as symbol of strength and security in the old ages. I was delighted to learn the history behind the twin gates from the chatty guides who left no information out.. A wonderful place to be.
The Gothic stylish features of the Twin gates of Motovun is interesting and has a good historical story that dates back in time. I had a spectacular time at the site and enjoyed the tour.
I had a vacation to the beaches at Twin Gates of Motonuv. The beaches are good and clean, but what makes it more satisfying is the service of the tourist guides who were very helpful and friendly.
Built towards the end of the 2nd century, the double Roman gates, are quite historical. It is one of the 10 gates within the city walls. These gates just stand out. It offers a nice place for taking photos. The gates are in perfect condition. The gates now lead to a museum and Castle.
Its a sight for sore eyes and wonderful for photography. Loved the setting and fine architecture.
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