Der Strand von Samograd


Der Strand von Samograd befindet sich westlich von Racisce. Nachdem Sie die gleiche Asphalt- und Makadamstraße, die von Racisce aus führt, passiert haben, stoßen Sie auf ein Schild zum Strand. Ein Wanderweg mit leichter Steigung führt zum Strand mit klarem Meer und schönen Kieselsteinen.

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The adventure to the sea was wonderful with a tour in water as went snorkeling with my friends at the sea. Lots of amazing stuff and underwater animals and creatures to see and we loved the experience with my friends.
There are no cafes or restaurants and toilets at the beach and this allowed us to carry the home cooked food and some that we got before we arrived at the beach. Bice views of the crystal clear sea and the landscape is stunning, Have a great time and enjoyed the food we carried.
We had a hike as we approached the pebble beach and the experience was superb. Got in touch with the rich nature and the atmosphere was therapeutic. Got worked up on the hike with my friends and it was good for my vacation.
very good!!!
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