Der Strand Punta Skala


Der Strand Punta Skala befindet sich in der kleinen Stadt Petrcane, nicht weit von Zadar entfernt. Es ist der ganze Ort eigentlich eine Halbinsel, umgeben von Wald. Der Strand von Punta Skala besteht aus Kiesel und Felsen, natürlichem Schatten und klarem Meer. In der Nähe finden Sie alle Einrichtungen und Anlagen, die Sie brauchen.

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I enjoyed visiting this beach. It is partly pebble and partly rocky with forest surrounding it that offers a natural shade from the summer heat and sun. The beach has every necessary facility to ensure the visitors have fun, planning a visit again.\",male,Netherlands ,4,Punta Skala,Johannes,König,I plan to go back to the place this summer. I did go last summer and found the place to be just amazing. I took time to walk along the long beach and let the water wash my feet to my ankle level. The people were swimming in the beautiful waters. Others enjoyed the ambiance. ,Male,Germany ,5,Jasenovo,Josef,Charle,This stone slabbed beach is a wonderful destination for anyone looking to just get their tan on and relax. I enjoyed diving in the sea that is easily acccessible via ladders and it is a nice destination for the elderly
This location was an unforgettable honeymoon experience. I loved how it was private with little population. I also loved that we were in the open nature surrounded by the open waters and forest. My husband and I had a beautiful experience and we will visit again on our first anniversary.
very good!!!
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