Kloster und Kirche St. Marien


Diese wunderschöne Kirche und das Kloster befinden sich im westlichen Teil des Inselchens am Großen See auf der Insel Mljet. An der Nord- und Südseite der Kirche sind barocke Kapellen angebaut. Im 15. Jahrhundert wurde das kleinere romanische Kloster erweitert und mit der Kirche verbunden, und im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert erhielt es sein heutiges Aussehen.

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very good!!!
The gothic design of the monastery is fascinating. We toured the place and we were elated very much seeing old architectures that is highly preserved.
I found myself dumb founded. I had never seen such a beautiful structure my entire life.
The church of St Mary and monastery is a great place for social and cultural activities. A primary place for education and worship.
I tried to understand the writings in the prayerbook at the monastery and really enjoyed the tour through the monastery that was found near the church.
I LOVE this place! My husband and I were on our honeymoon and had to stay at the hotel across the street. We were so grateful that we did. The monastery was stunning. Not only that, but the people are extremely friendly and peaceful. I can't wait to visit again!
As a lover of architecture and designs , i was amused by architectural features balanced with aesthetics to bring about the beauty of the Church. Must see.
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