Der Mareda Strand


Der neu renovierte Strand des gleichnamigen Camps Aminess Park Mareda befindet sich innerhalb des Camps und seine großzügigen, gepflasterten Flächen und die natürliche Umgebung werden Ihr tägliches Sonnenbad und das Wetter am Strand noch angenehmer machen. Der Strand ist für alle Altersgruppen geeignet und wurde mit der Blauen Flagge ausgezeichnet, die die Reinheit und Qualität des Meeres garantiert. Neben dem Meer und der Sonne bietet dieser Strand auch zahlreiche Aktivitäten wie Tennis, Beachvolleyball und verschiedene Wasserattraktionen. Haustiere sind am Strand erlaubt, und die Gäste können in der Nähe neu eröffnete Restaurants, Lounge-Bars und Grillplätze nutzen.

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During the blue skies days i would love sunbathing at the beach were we were provided with free sunscreen lotions. The beauty of the beach from this point is breathtaking and i could also see a number of cruise ships from this point in the sea using a binocular. Very good.
Apart from swimming the beach offers other activities like tennis and beach volleyball for those who are not in the mood for a swim. If you have a pet at least this beach allows and it would be nice if your pet messes around the beach you be kind enough to collect ei and leave the beach clean and better than you found it.
Serene environment with warm temperatures that gave the caribbean vibe to it when we visited. We enjoyed sunbathing at the beach as well as other activities such as volleyball and water sports that was fun. The restaurants around the beach and bars with barbeque spots offered great interaction and we enjoyed the sweet delicacy of the land.
This is by far the best beach I have been to. Might be because I was able to come with my pet dog: they allow pets over here. the trees surrounding the beach, the beautiful sunrise and sunset view, the cool clear and clean waters of the sea just make it a place to visit over and over. There are also games you can play on the beach; volleyball, tennis and more. The drinks and foods served in the lounges, cafes and bars are worth every coin.
The beach attendants helped us set up some of the beach equipments like the sun loungers. They were also professional and served us in a pleasant way; they were quick to offer clean towels where needed and escorted us to the preferred places. I would give each a tip for their good work.
very good!!!
We visited the beach with my whole family and we engaged in beach volleyball and other activities and we loved our experience at the place.
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