Kruscica beach


Small, sweet and unabashedly wild, Kruscica beach is an idyllic corner of Cres that will impress itself upon you with its untouched nature. The sea here is calm, a deep blue blending into the turquoise, and the pine trees bloom in the bright shades of green. In between them spreads the pale gravel beach, in a striking contrast to the colours around it, sparsely dotted with the remains of old stone huts.


Located in the eponymous bay, and not far from the village Merag, Kruscica is also a protected site of nature. Because of its favourable position it is a convenient location for boaters who like to anchor here for the night. While the sandy seabed calls for some caution while anchoring, it makes sea access from the beach pretty easy and comfortable for the children and the elderly.


Slightly harder to reach, this beach is not inaccessible. The easiest way to get to it is by boat, and if you’re going on foot it will take you about a quarter of an hour or so. The path will take you through the macadam paths and the forest, but when you catch that first sight of the bay with the blue of its sea meeting the sky, you’ll be glad you took the trip. Don’t forget to pack everything you need since Kruscica is as wild as they come and there are no amenities here.

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