Strand von Kovachine


Der gepflegte Strand des Campingplatzes Kovacine ist auch reich an verschiedenen Einrichtungen: Beachvolleyball, Tauchzentrum, Restaurant, Geschäft, Konditorei, Kaffeebar, verschiedene Sportaktivitäten für Erwachsene und Kinder, Massagen, Animationszentrum für Kinder. Der Strand ist behindertengerecht, mit den notwendigen Hilfsmitteln ausgestattet und hat einen guten Zugang zum Meer. Er ist von Cres aus über eine Promenade entlang der Küste leicht erreichbar, und in der Nähe gibt es einen Strand für Haustiere.

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public beach



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51557, Cres


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I went there with my pet last summer and I was mesmerized to see they even had a beach section set for the pets. The diving center is where I got to spend the best time of my day.
Kovachine is the place where you can indeed not lack an activity it is well managed with public amenities. I don't play Volleyball but I indeed enjoyed watching beach volleyball. A Lot of people come to this place for this and many more events. The place is suitable for a family setting since there many activities that children can do along the beach. Perfect holiday place!
The availability of a massage area was my highlight of visiting this place to be honest. I enjoyed the professionalism by the masseuse and later on tried the pastry shop nearby and it was literally heaven on earth.Though I didn't spend so much time at the beach,I'd say this place was really worth my visit and I'd visit it again for sure.
very good!!!
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