Der Strand Knez


Der Strand Knez ist einer der privatesten Strände in Rovinj und befindet sich in einer kleinen Bucht, die etwas versteckt liegt, so dass er bei Booten sehr beliebt ist. Der Strand ist kieselig und wird von einem Wald umgeben, der Ruhe und Schatten vor der starken Sommersonne bietet. Es gibt keine Infrastruktur oder zusätzliche Einrichtungen am Strand, daher sollten Sie alles mitbringen, was Sie für einen Tag am Strand benötigen.

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The private pebble beach does not have many people and we enjoyed the peace and quietness of the place. Therapeutic place with shade from the forest trees providing the best feeling for relaxation at our vacation. There and no other facilities hence we made sure to carry all the necessary stuff we needed.
This is a lovely private beach hidden from the public eye. I really needed a break from the lectures and a quiet place away from the noise was perfect. This beach is popular among boats.
Walking on the pebbly beach barefoot was a thrilling experience to try. The surrounding forest provided shade and rest to us protecting us from the sun's heat. We had a wonderful time on the not crowded beach.
This is a private beach so you are not likely to bump into people a lot, especially if you like some time alone. Surrounded by green vegetation that provide a beautiful shade from the strong sun. It is pebbly and there are no facilities. It is just you and your basic needs. More like picnic on the beach kind of thing
It was nice to go for a boat ride to explore this small private bay away from the noisy town. We had brought all the facilities we needed to use on the beach. We had our own beach accessories, parasols and sun loungers.
very good!!!
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