Strand von Gabine


Der schöne Strand von Gabine liegt in der kleinen Stadt Kastel Stafilic, nur wenige Kilometer südlich des Flughafens Split. Der mehrere hundert Meter lange Kieselstrand ist besonders für Familien mit Kindern geeignet und beliebt. Am Strand gibt es ein nettes Café, und auch andere Einrichtungen sind nicht weit entfernt, da sich das Zentrum in der Nähe befindet.

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This is a beach suitable you young families. I took the family during my visit to the Island town and I must say it's just amazing. It has shallow beaches which makes it the most suitable for small children. There are swings and castles that are installed and maintained by the local authorities.
The kids loved running around the beach and engaging in the variety of games that were taking place during our visit. I personally loved relaxing in my rented deck chair and shade. I will visit again with my husband.
A nice pebble beach to visit with your family and kids to just relax and bond. This beach is suitable for families with children and even couples. It has a coffee bar and other facilities nearby to make sure anyone visiting can have a wonderful time. Despite it being a bit crowded I would visiti it again.
very good!!!
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