Kirche St. Pavle Pustinjak auf Galevac


Die Kirche befindet sich im gleichnamigen Kloster, wurde aber schon vor ihm erbaut, wo Paulinermönche lebten, die nach ihrem Schutzpatron der Kirche und später dem Kloster den Namen gaben.Im Jahr 1602 erhielt die Kirche ein Relief, das sogenannte Altarbild, das von dem Bildhauer Zorzi Ventura geschaffen wurde und die Jungfrau Maria mit Heiligen darstellt.

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The church has some great historical stories that we managed to learn about and the cemetery was a help with the information of the people that were at the church from back in time.
very good!!!
Beautiful church that have rich historical stories and catchy interior art work that is spectacular.
We toured the Church of St. Paule pustinjak with a tour guide and we learned so much about the history of the place. I loved how we were able to explore all the rooms on our own and spend as long as we wanted using our phones to take pics of the famous art within the walls.
This church has an amazing history. The architectural style of this church was catchy. Since it is located on an island, I had to experience an amazing boatride. Learning about the history of this place was fantastic.
Touring this place was an adventurous experience. The loved the beauty of this church. The Altarpieces were very nice to stare at. The environment was calm and peaceful.
The waters and the trees surrounding the island were very beautiful, it made the monastery blend in perfectly with nature, nice location
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