Kirche St. Lucia


Die Besonderheit dieses Ortes geht auf die Geschichte der Souveränität des kroatischen Volkes selbst zurück. In der Kirche St. Lucije befindet sich die Tafel von Baska - ein altes kroatisches Dokument, in dem der kroatische Name zum ersten Mal in kroatischer Sprache und mit dem kroatischen glagolitischen Alphabet geschrieben wurde. Touristen aus aller Welt kommen hierher, um eines der ältesten und am besten erhaltenen geschnitzten Dokumente in Europa zu sehen.

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Jurandvor 148/A, 51523, Baška


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very good!!!
This ancient church hosts the Baska tablet and the first instance of the Croatian Coat of arms. Its structure just stands out. I really enjoyed my experience here. The tour guides were friendly
I really enjoyed the scenery, the weather was calm and very welcoming. I will definitely revist in the summer.
The animal flower cave is a beautiful place we visited at Church of St Lucy. My younger brother and I took snaps with the best camera we had brought. Oustanding place.
What I loved most about church of St Lucy was the amazing lighthouse. It is the best spot that help people navigate the church compound during night time.
My sister and i paid a tour to the church and we were excited to learn the Croatian language. As we navigated the church we were captivated by the amazing lighthouse. I fell in love with the beautiful sceneries as i enjoyed the cool weather. we enjoyed taking snaps around the building especially the animal flower cave. I was thrilled by the great history of the Church.
It offered a learning experience for my film students as they were able to watch films and gained a lot of skills they could use in future for filmmaking. The students were impressed by the artwork especially the roman architectural style. They also enjoyed relaxing and taking pictures of the spectacular view of the church. What i loved most is the historic collection in the Church for example the Croatian language written on the old tables . We loved the chatty tour guides who made our trip memorable, fascinating and very informative.
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