Restaurant As has been active on the Zagreb gastro scene for many years, and on the occasion of the 900th anniversary of the city of Zagreb, it was named the best fish restaurant in the Croatian capital. Daily fresh fish and top quality seafood have been what have made the As restaurant a cult place for 30 years. Although the restaurant primarily offers its guests traditional fish specialties of high quality, it also boasts a rich offer of meat dishes and dishes with homemade pasta. The wine list is rich, contains many top Croatian and foreign labels, and goes perfectly with the menu. The professional and friendly staff will be very happy to help you with your choice, and it is up to you to enjoy the rhapsodies of smell and taste. For guests who prefer intimate dinners or socializing in a select circle of people, the restaurant has several VIP lounges, as well as a beautiful garden in greenery and flowers, where they can have fun and relax in a pleasant atmosphere.

№4 in 107 Restaurant from Zagreb
№33 in 1804 Restaurant from Croatia
Phone: 01 460 9111

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Zelengaj 2a


(14 reviews)
The fish dishes in this restaurant is something I would recommend. Their fish specialties is original. The environment is nice for an intimate dinner. It is an exquisite restaurant.
I took my girlfriend on a dinner date here and we really loved the romantic atmosphere it provides. I also loved how perfectly the wine blended with the dishes they offered.
It is here where i tasted the best fish while travelling in Croatia. The ambience, great atmosphere of the restaurant offered a relaxing moment, i tried the traditional fish specialities as recommended and i was not disappointed. Must come back soon.
My family and I went here last summer and the place is so cool that it has a beautiful garden with flowers where we had fun and relaxed. The quality of seafood dishes here is so good and they prepare great traditional fish specialties.
We conducted our conference meeting in the VIP lounges in the restaurant which was calm, quiet and peaceful without disturbances. The friendly, accommodative , professional staff served us with meat dishes which were of different varieties alongside homemade pasta. They also helped us in choosing the wines to take.
We were here for our dinner, we stayed in the beautiful garden in the greenery with flowers and we enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere here. We also engaged in fun team building activities in the garden after we were full. Accommodative to both groups and individuals.
I love how the staff here are friendly and professional they helped me with my choice of meal and I really loved it.
8 of 107 Restaurant from Zagreb based on rating