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Alfred Keller


Alfred Keller is a modern, attractive restaurant named after the Austrian architect who designed it. With its unique design, it provides guests with the luxury and experience of a meal that matches world-class quality. The menu is based on Mediterranean dishes and traditional island delicacies prepared with modern food preparation techniques. The ingredients are fresh, seasonal and locally grown, which greatly contributes to the quality of each dish. Depending on the season and the availability of individual foods, the menu changes, which ensures the freshness of the food at all times. The stars of the menu are Cres lamb, fresh shellfish and fish, Istrian beef boškarin and even donkey meat. Friendly and professional staff will help you complete your meal with a glass of fine local wine.


№3 in 4 Restaurant from Losinj Island
№57 in 1804 Restaurant from Croatia

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Insel Losinj




Fine Dining

Dietary Restrictions

Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
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Food Location

Čikat ul. 16, 51550, Mali Lošinj


(11 reviews)
very good!!!
I liked this luxurious restaurant.They offer traditional island delicacies. They have a modern way of preparing and serving their dishes. Service here are top notch. I was very satisfied
This restaurant is lavish. Their services were good. Their seafood delicacies were amazing
I had an exciting time on my trip to the beautiful island of Losinj and visited Alfred Keller's restaurant. The food was excellent, the staff very friendly, and we were able to get information about many of the activities available in the area. The sunset was amazing and I ended up staying there all night!
The architecture and design of this place is so eye catching and I really loved the uniqueness of this place. The interior décor is also great not forgetting the type of dishes and services offered here.
I was here during my vacation last summer and I loved how classy and luxurious this place looks. The staff are also professional which was so good and the meat dishes here are so delicious.
It's unique design provided us with luxury and experience of meals that matched world class quality. I was delighted to learn that the restaurant was named after the Austrian architect who designed it. It is a small paradise on earth.
3 of 4 Restaurant from Losinj Island based on rating